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<a href="/clarence-makwetu-395154">Clarence Makwetu</a>
Clarence Makwetu
  • Clarence Makwetu stood for election as leader of the Pan-Africanist Congress on 27 April 1994
<a href="/amichand-rajbansi-6300">Amichand Rajbansi</a>
Amichand Rajbansi
  • Amichand Rajbansi was the President of the Minority Front during the 1994 elections
Kenneth Meshoe
  • Kenneth Meshoe represented the African Christian Democratic Party during the 1994 elections
Tony Leon
  • Tony Leon represented the Democratic Party during the 1994 national elections
Nelson Mandela
  • Nelson Mandela represented the African National Congress in the 1994 national elections
Mangosuthu Buthelezi
  • Mangosuthu Buthelezi represented the Inkatha Freedom Party in the 1994 elections
FW de Klerk
  • FW de Klerk was President of the National Party during the 1994 national elections
<a href="/constand-viljoen-4637">Constand Viljoen</a>
Constand Viljoen
  • Constand Viljoen represented the Freedom Front in the 1994 national elections
<a href="/neville-alexander-6366">Neville Alexander</a>
Neville Alexander
  • Neville Alexander represented the National Liberation Front in 1994's National elections

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